Supply chain center

Based on years of cooperation and trust, we have built a widespread network of quality suppliers with whom we cooperate and communicate directly. This makes us a reliable partner in terms of price, quality and delivery times.

production facilities

Production facilities

To produce and deliver high-quality products, we always aim to consolidate long-term partnerships with state-of-the-art production facilities. In addition, we also cooperate and communicate directly with factories and headquarters. This allows us to improve our collaborations and establish trustworthy partnerships.

Trustworthy partnerships

supplier support

Supplier support

A dedicated team stays in close contact with all factories to offer continuous supplier support. They assist in each specific situation: from helping with production schedules to handling questions related to the status of the production, labeling, packing and many more.

Servicing and supporting our suppliers



The supply chain center provides all materials, lasts and molds to our suppliers. By consolidating the purchase of materials, lasts and molds, we benefit from more competitive prices than a supplier who does not do this. And most importantly: we can guarantee a more stable material and product quality and conformity across our collections. Additionally, the supplier only pays the materials once production is finished, which results in a financial advantage for his company.

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