Thanks to years of experience, Cortina has developed well-organized logistics skills to guarantee on-time delivery for both customers and suppliers.

Advanced logistic systems

Thanks to our state-of-the-art and automated logistic systems, we ensure smooth logistic processes, cost-effective solutions and just-in-time delivery. Customers from all over the world receive their goods on time in their retail shops and department stores, whereas suppliers have a guaranteed on-time delivery of materials, lasts and molds.


Autostore Robot

The Cortina Group is the first of its kind in Europe to implement the fully automated robot order picking system. Products are stored in 45,000 extremely compactly stacked bins, over which robots operate. This makes storage and order picking flawless, fast and durable.

45.000 bins



Our fulfillment centers are based in two of our world’s most important logistic hotspots, providing efficient transportation options. We have 3 warehouses located in Belgium, close to major European markets, while our 2 Chinese warehouses cover the APAC region.

100.000m² warehouse


25.000.000 pieces
delivered per year

Since 1950, Synogix has grown as the logistic partner of several in-house brands within the Cortina group. Throughout the years, we have developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of logistics.

That is why in 2020, we decided to offer our excellent services to external brands that need reliable, multi-channel and cost-effective logistic solutions. Synogix takes over their omni-channel logistics, so they can focus on their brand and product. Thanks to our transparent 3PL services, Synogix will meet and exceed brands’ logistic needs. Enabling them to grow — through any channel, any market, anywhere.

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