Enjoy the freedom to move

sj lifestyle

Here at SJ, our commitment lies in crafting comfortable, fashionable and responsible footwear that's within everyone's reach. We believe in granting everyone the #FreedomToMove by offering quality shoes that don't break the bank. We aim to spark joy, boost confidence and encourage people to embrace life to the fullest, no matter their style.

sj lifestyle

About SJ

  • Belgian sneaker brand
  • Responsible, trendy and comfortable sneakers for everyone
  • Unparalleled price quality
  • 70+ years of expertise and in-house technology at the mother company
  • Ready to turn the sneaker world upside down and let you enjoy the #FreedomToMove

Global retail

SJ fits in today’s market as a comfortable footwear brand that offers trendy yet accessible European styles. With flexibility in our nature, our shoes offer the freedom to wear them for a variety of occasions, by whoever wants to.


50 countries

& growing


2.5 Million



75% sell-through

before sales

sj lifestyle

Total flexibility and freedom to be yourself

sj lifestyle

Shoe collections for all occasions

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